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A Country by Consent was produced by Bill Dunn and Linda West of West/Dunn Productions in Ottawa. Content has been vetted by specialists in Canadian history including the Public History Group at the University of Victoria, which includes pre-Confederation and post-Confederation specialists. This group was under the supervision of Dr. Peter Baskerville, then Chair of History, University of Victoria, BC.

Artistic Productions Limited, which trades as West/Dunn Productions, has been producing films and audiovisual materials for over 20 years. Other productions include television documentaries, Normandy Dream and Spitfire Pilot, which aired in prime time on CBC-TV, and the recent theatrical feature documentary, Hoodwinked: The Myth of Free Trade.

We began this Canadian history project at the dawn of the digital revolution as a response to seeing educational materials in the new media creeping into Canadian schools from foreign suppliers whose content reflected a different culture. A presentation on the history of communication, for example, included songs about “the pony express to Kansas City” instead of references to voyageurs and canoes.

At the same time, Canada was in the throes of another constitutional debate. We decided to approach Canadian history from the theme of the constitutional evolution of the country so we could put these recurring debates in their historical context.

Why a constitutional thread?
A constitution is the system of fundamental principles according to which a nation, state or group is governed. But it’s not just a legal document setting out the basic rules, rights and responsibilities by which a country is organized. It also expresses the philosophy of the country - how its people relate to each other and what values are important to them.

Canada’s federal structure is a much-needed model for the rest of the world. It is a form of government that can accommodate different interests and protect minorities within a democratic system.

Why “A Country by Consent”?
Canada is not a country based on ethnic uniformity like many countries. It is not a country forged by the fires of civil war or wars of unification. It is a country which has evolved and been held together by the agreement and will of the various groups who have helped build it over the years. It is a country by consent. We acknowledge that the consent is not universal and Canada continues to work at reconciliation with the original inhabitants of this land, the Indigenous nations.

The content is organized into 27 chapters, many with an audiovisual introduction. The text is enhanced with additional film clips, interviews, essays by guest historians, hundreds of archival images, satellite maps and definitions.

Credits and Resources


Writer: Linda West
Director: Bill Dunn
Producer: Artistic Productions Limited ta: West/Dunn Productions, Ottawa, ON

Software and Technical Director: Bob Monaghan
Programming and Production: Bill Dunn, Linda West and Bob Monaghan
Graphics / Movies: Bill Dunn / Bob Monaghan
Maps: Bob Monaghan
Digital Audio Mixing: Bill Dunn
Copy Editor: Bette Laderoute

Content Specialist: Dr. Peter Baskerville, Chair of History, University of Victoria and the Public History Group, University of Victoria, BC

Educational Consultant: Claire Cunningham, Lansdowne Jr. Secondary School, Victoria, BC

Guest historians: Gabrielle Nishiguchi, Dr. Carl Christie, Myron Momryk, Richard Bastien, Ross Gordon, André Magnan

Narrators: Dr. Roger Tallentire, Linda West, Louise Bastien, R. David Wilson

Website:  Mary Lacroix, Front Runner, Toronto

Project initiated with the support of Heritage Canada.


National Archives of Canada:
Roanne Mokhtar, Sheila Mendonca, Sylvia Gervais, Edna Rodriguez, Caroline Forcier

Additional Photography: Bill Dunn

Photo of Jean Chrétien and Cabinet: Jean-Marc Carisse, PMO

CBC-TV Archive: Roy Harris
René Lévesque from “This Hour Has Seven Days”
Bruce Hutchison from “The Days Before Yesterday”

“Normandy Dream” with Cpl. Jack Fleger courtesy Artistic Productions Ltd.

Narrator of “Normandy Dream”:  Bruce West

Music: Melodya, USSR
Archival Music: Greg Sumner
Music for Acadian soundtrack: The Celtifolk
Music for “B.C. Joins”: Massed ukuleles, University of Victoria; Highland Games Bagpipes, Maxville, Ontario

Additional thanks to:
Gilbert Parent, Speaker of the House for kindly allowing us to film him explaining the workings of Parliament and “How Laws are Made”
Bruce Hutchison
for generously submitting to our video interview and supporting us in the early days of this project.

Video production by: Artistic Productions Ltd.

Archive Sources

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PA 187855 High school Christmas play in one of the B.C. interior camps
PA 1367738 Judge Emily Murphy
RD 689 Maple Leaf Gardens
RD 902 Children being vaccinated in school

From the Provincial Archives of British Columbia:

A 351 Ne'er Do Well Dump, Grouse Creek
A 353 Bill Phinney, miner
A 903 Bastien, Fort Victoria 1862
A 934 Bird cages parliament buildings
A 937 Miner's shaft, Williams Creek
A 1514 Anthony Musgrave
A 1958 Miners panning for gold near Yale, B.C. 1870s
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A 3330 Early view of New Westminster
A 3354 New Westminster 1859
A 3786 Barkerville main street
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B 7284 Cariboo Road near Chapmans Bar Bluff
C 5229 Emily Carr in Victoria
D 4292 Haida chiefs in Skidegate
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F 6344 CPR train coming across bridge
F 7610 Downtown Victoria 1890s

PDP00633 Sombreness Sunlit by Emily Carr
PSP00656 Indian Reserve, N. Vancouver by Emily Carr
PDP02292 Slim gambling

From the CBC Archives:

“This Hour Has Seven Days” Rene Levesque interviewed
by Larry Zolf with Trudeau as guest interviewer

“The Days Before Yesterday” Bruce Hutchison as narrator
of King-Byng affair

"Gems" from Public Archives Audio-Visual

1902 Skiing in Quebec
1907 Tommy Burns fight
1912 First paved highway in Canada
1917 Vimy Ridge
1933 Maple Leafs win Stanley Cup / Foster Hewitt
1933 Bluenose racing

From Artistic Productions Limited:

“Normandy Dream” with Cpl. Jack Fleger

 Photographs by William Dunn:
Acadian girl
Middle-class thatched house in England
Westminster parliament buildings
Cathedral ceiling, England
Coal oil lamp, Beaverton, Ontario
Canterbury vaults
The Black Prince sarcophagus
Mountain mists, Vancouver Island
Carmanah forest, Vancouver Island
Stacked logs
P.E.I. dory
Prairie wheat field
Totem pole, Victoria, B.C.
Ship in Straits of Juan de Fuca
Twilight coast
Twilight island
Red River cart
Nova Scotia cape house
Bastien Square, Victoria, B.C.
Distant ship, Straits of Juan de Fuca
Wheat field in snow
Fishing dock with buildings
Wood patterns, Kamloops, B.C.
Newfoundland house
Tom Hodgson portrait
Oil flame
Expo '67 geodesic dome
Mail box close-up
Sixties fashion model
Margaret Laurence's house
Patriation title background
CN Tower
Rolls Royce
Victoria harbour
Bastien Square, Victoria, early morning
Montreal night
Toronto financial district
Back lane, Queen Street West, Toronto
Ada Dunn, Beaverton, Ontario
People on sidewalk
Gabrielle Nishiguchi portrait
Dr. Carl Christie portrait
Myron Momryk portrait


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