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Métis List of Rights

When the Métis negotiating committee went to Ottawa it carried with it a List of Rights which included the following items:

  • That the people have the right to elect their own legislature.
  • That the legislature have the power to pass all laws local to the territory.
  • That a portion of the public lands be appropriated to the benefit of schools, the building of bridges, roads and public buildings.
  • That the English and French languages be common in the legislature and courts and that all public documents and acts of legislature be published in both languages.
  • That the judge of the Supreme Court speak the French and English languages.
  • That treaties be concluded and ratified between the Dominion Government and the several tribes of Indians in the territory to ensure peace on the frontier.
  • That we have fair and full representation in the Canadian parliament.
  • That all privileges, customs and usages existing at the time of the transfer be respected.

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